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Hair care

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Imagine if you didn’t wash or brush your dogs hair for months. It would start to matt very quickly, and in time it would become a large clump. As this happened it would tighten in the affected areas and become… Continue Reading →


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OPEN FOR BUSINESS AGAIN   Welcome to Short Bark and Sides dog grooming. The salon is open for business again and I am following all Government Covid-19 guidance, which includes wearing PPE and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces after each dog…. Continue Reading →

Company ethos

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I work by appointment only which means your dog will receive my one-to-one attention at all times. My aim is to make the grooming experience a positive time for both you and your beloved pet. I have high standards. Dogs… Continue Reading →

A full groom

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A full groom consists of de-shedding of the coat to remove dead hair. The ears are cleaned and the nails are clipped. The dog is washed, conditioned and blow dried. The coat is groomed again or clipped to the style… Continue Reading →


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A puppy introduction to grooming is extremely important to ensure that they are happy and settled to undergo grooming as they grow. This can start as soon as your puppy is fully vaccinated and we aim to include an introduction… Continue Reading →

My salon

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In my salon I have a fully-adjustable grooming table with steps up to the bath, so your dog doesn’t have to jump. I use fresh wash water to wash your dog, which helps to ease aching joints in elderly or… Continue Reading →

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