Imagine if you didn’t wash or brush your dogs hair for months. It would start to matt very quickly, and in time it would become a large clump. As this happened it would tighten in the affected areas and become very itchy, hot and sore.

Now imagine this clump of matted hair over your dogs body connecting skin from different areas as the matts become more entwined. The matting from under the arm pits has joined matting on the chest drawing the two skin areas closer together. The areas become hot and itchy and sores are starting to develop under the matts. Your dog cannot tell you that they are in pain or discomfort so it is likely that they will itch and scratch the areas and even try to rip the hair out. If this matting is not dealt with it can easily become infected and if left it can cause death of the tissue.

It is therefore very important to brush your dogs coat on a regular basis and that you book them in for professional grooming when recommended.